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For over 25 years our team has been involved in the emerging healthcare area of Proactive and Predictive Healthcare. Our team is dedicated to reducing negative medical outcomes in healthcare facilities and at home. Our mission is to provide quality training to caregivers and our partners to ensure the best solutions available. Predictive Health Devices Inc. only works with quality manufacturers utilized by flagship healthcare organization across the globe.

Our Top Products

Care-Coach – Providing a low cost Certified Wireless Caregiver / Avatar

Hip-Hope – Multi-sensor smart wearable belt, detects impending falls, deployable air bags

Helo – Advanced Life Changing Wrist Wearable Monitoring System - Blood Sugar included

LinQ – Advanced Intelligent Wireless Fall Alarm System

Trazer – Fun Rehabilitation Results Focused Simulator and Tracker

CareLine – Innovative Leader in Hospital Quality Kits and Pillows

Variant7 – Market leader in Cyber and Physical Security and Training


“By enabling individuals with the latest wearable personal; health technology,
We help provide the detailed information that individuals need to live a healthier, safer and more active lives. Information that their health consultants and care teams (e.g., physicians, nurse’s trainers and family Members) need to follow and rely upon to create and monitor care plans in person and remotely”
Dr. Gordon Jones

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Heart Rate

Measurements 24/7/365 and allows alerts to family and caregivers if your rate is too high or low, they are immediately alerted ( by setting user set Biometric panic levels) and texting or calling third party’s preselected by you

Step Counter

Records the number of steps taken per day, per month, per year and tracks on a record that can be reviewed graphically over these periods. Goals and outcomes can also be preset by the individual


May be tracked by each individual via an algorithm that utilizes multiple factors tracked by the Helo

Breath Rate

Very important parameter that can be very useful in discovering and treating concerns like sleep, sleep apnea and asthma. Very soon Oxygen will be added to provide a complete picture

Sleep Quality

Sleep is essential and can cause serious health problems. Helo utilizes multi-factorial measurements to help evaluate sleep and predict when you may need professional help for quality, depth and lack of sleep.

I-Phone/ Android Compatible

Easily interfaces with your phone to collect and maintain your personal data and send an SOS if you are in need of help or your health numbers are above or below limits set by you. This information can also be shared by you with the touch of an icon.


Utilizing a two lead platform on the Helo you can determine if these parameters may be out of sync. You can actually see this waveform displayed and interpreted on your phone.

Blood Pressure

A very unique algorithm is utilized with a baseline of your normal blood pressure to assess your current BP. This is one of the most valuable indicators of your cardiovascular health and may be tracked continuously giving your caregivers a motion picture vs. a snapshot of your BP. Having an abnormal blood pressure PATTERN, such as high blood pressure during the night or early morning, can mean you have a problem and should seek medical advice. Helo will alert you and your friends or caregivers if your BP is too high or low and show you 24/7/365 trends of this vital measurement


Mood Sensor

Utilizing (heart rate variability) analysis, breath rate, blood pressure and other measurements to determine body balance and energy and therefore extrapolate overall mood state.

Fatique Sensor

Utilizing (heart rate variability) analysis, breath rate, blood pressure and other measurements to determine body balance and energy and therefore extrapolate overall fatigue levels

Guardian Function

You can set alerts and notifications if your values are not within normal common and usual ranges. Normal values for low and high will alert you, family, friends and caregivers that you may need immediate help.


Optional Germanium Plates (add on to Helo Band)

Our current environment exposes the human body to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment, chemicals, and acid rain and ultraviolet rays. Hence, the negative – charge ion from Germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body as numerous studies have validated. This also achieves muscle relieving effects as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness.


Panic Button

Incorporated into the Helo is a safe panic button if pressed twice will send an urgent alert with you exact GPS location on a google map. This may be for fall protection, medical emergency or personal security issues and will go to your designated guardians. This feature has already been very helpful with children walking alone and folks living alone at home and many other emergency situations. Giver



Gathers, stores analyzes and presents personally generated health data over time. This information is particularly valuable to care givers, physicians and trainers. Providing proactive and predictive trends of your health picture either in person at office visit or transmitted easily through the share function

Company Description

Predictive Health Devices Inc. – For over 25 years our team has been involved in the emerging healthcare area of Proactive and Predictive Healthcare. We consulted top hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide fall prevention monitoring and advice on valuable technologies to improve patient safety and reduce risk.
Pat Devaney – President and CEO

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Most Advanced Wearable

Monitors Overall Health and Fitness, Security and Wellness for Seniors, Children, and Diabetics.
Photo plethysmography Biosensor Technology by Toshiba allows measurements below of:

Monitors love ones remotely and continuously sends alerts to caregivers and family’s on significant changes of vitals and other data. Predicts potential Falls and alerts to these events.

Sends SOS - GPS location for children and adults in trouble to preselected Guardians

Complete Fitness Algorithms for all stages of fitness with continuous monitoring and remote
Review by trainers and caregivers

Numerous readings of accurate non-invasive Blood Sugar/Glucose Monitoring eliminated daily lances and test stips.

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Blood Oxygen

One of the most vital measurements will be available soon from an app on your phone that will simply be downloaded as the technology to measure that is already in your Helo. This will provide along with breath rate and heart rate an ongoing motion picture of your overall health.


Body Temperature

This additional sensor app will be available on your phone and for many illnesses and conditions is a great indicator of potential infection and serious potential medical issues. As a continuous ongoing measure it is extremely predictive of upcoming or ongoing issues.


Blood Sugar

Coming in a matter of weeks as an app on your phone utilizing sensors already in Helo. Many type 2 diabetics have to stick their fingers and draw blood and then go to an external monitor to evaluate this extremely important indicator. Helo will provide, as current Beta studies conclude, 48 continuous measurements of Blood Sugar per day. This will save a lot of pain and suffering and provide more medical value and savings for all current and pre diabetic individuals.

Mosquito Shield

Using high frequency sound that has proven over years of testing to repel this disease carrying pest without interference with other animals/insects and eliminate chemical repellants. With well know dangerous viruses becoming more prevalent this is a real lifesaver!!


Blood Alcohol Level

Also as with all the other applications this will be on your phone and will help prevent unwanted drivers from taking to the road both commercially and personally!!!!!!


Fall Prevention

Three axis, Accelerometer Gyroscope measures tendencies and actual fall events, sending warning GPS Location.