Quality and Significant Cost Savings = Predictive and Care Line Partnership

We are proud to announce our partnership with CareLine, Inc. as your local Consultants and Providers for this amazing, over 50 year old, Veteran owned business. This American manufacturer provides well-known, top quality products that have demonstrated at all price points to have advantages. SERVICE, SELECTION, PRICE, Carline has the best overall value. Our new partner provides innovative products that promote your hospital brand (logos) and greatly improve patient satisfaction outcomes. Give us the opportunity to provide samples and a quote and we can almost guarantee you will be a hero with all your colleagues with Quality and Price Savings that are significant and boost your facilities brand.

Almost everyone in the hospital industry is familiar with the value of the Care Line –American Manufactured Pillows. As the market leader we can assure that these quality pillows will retain their shape and patient comfort well above the expectations of pillows shipped from overseas – packed like sardines and virtually collapsed on arrival minimizing a very important patient comfort opportunity, generally at a higher price. As the industry standard in Custom Kits in numerous departments, we look forward to being your consultant to reduce labor costs; from Admission Kits to Maternity Kits to any specialty kit you can create we are the leader. We look forward to working with you to understand your needs and help select products that will make your team successful and significantly reduce costs!!!

One innovative example that addresses the Joint Commission objective of noise abatement is our unique Quiet Kits at an amazing price. Surveyors are always concerned with the patient’s ability to gain healthy sleep as part of the healing process. A sleep mask, disposable head phones, and ear plugs have proven to boost patient satisfaction and patient health with near zero investment in an economical Quiet Kit. The Care Line New Fall Kit clearly can help mitigate one of the most expensive and life threating concerns related to the “Never Event” of Falls both inpatient and post discharge. The education booklet alone will assist patients in adjusting to life at home following discharge and provide valuable at home tips to reducing the incidence of falls and subsequent re-admission at hospital expense.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team too personally or through webcast to discuss all your cost saving options.

Found online at: www.CareLineInc.com

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