– Wireless Alarm and installation = Low cost rental significantly saving overall alarm costs. Very nurse friendly!

– 24 month battery life and free replacement with continuous status alerts

– Customizable Reports – Predictive reviews of all patient status and response times provide discrete, customizable visual and audible cues of BCT exit activity including probability patient may attempt to exit

– Continuous Room by Room Monitoring at Nurses Station, hallway monitors and smart phones, red green, yellow, indicating current red patient fall status.

– Completely quiet alarm or voice alerts in 25 languages

– Tracks usage by room number and time of monitoring response

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Patient Support Ecosystem

- Easy to implement system providing a certified wireless caregiver in the form of an avatar to routinely interface with patients/residents to perfect continuity of care.
- Studies have shown significant reductions in falls through valuable alerts to caregivers either remotely or in house.
- Provides additional interface protocols to directly impact patient anxiety, cognitive issues, delirium and much more.

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VentTrax is a cost effective wireless ventilator alarm including annunciation and alarm compliance monitoring. Alarm information is aggregated and displayed on easy to read monitors located throughout the facility. VentTrax provides, audio, visual, and vibration alarm alerts. Alarm information is captured and is available for viewing in report form or in real time. VentTrax improves patient safety, staff compliance, and the facility environment by eliminating unnecessary noise.

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Real Time Fall Protection System -integrates advanced technologies in the fields of electronics, software, algorithmic, pneumatic, air bag technology and wearable device (fanny pack/belt) design, aimed at ensuring maximum functionality, reliability, comfort and ease of use that results in a high level of acceptance by senior users. The system continuously logs user motion activity for review, allowing for a pattern evaluation and intervention options to maximize quality of care. System reports falls to the care team with GPS location.

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Clinical Grade Monitors that measure BP, Heart Rate, Blood Sugar, Oxygen, Temperature, EKG, Breath Rate, Sleep Quality and much more in a panic button showing exact GPS location. Includes Fall Prevention/Detection with accelerometer and gyroscope. This device allows remote monitoring of the individual and out of ideal ranges, measurements as remote alerts that caregivers can immediately respond to, as changes in patient, resident and home bound patients need for care.

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We are proud to announce our partnership with CareLine, Inc. as your local Consultants and Providers for this amazing, over 50 year old, Veteran owned business. This American manufacturer provides well-known, top quality products that have demonstrated at all price points to have advantages. SERVICE, SELECTION, PRICE, Carline has the best overall value. Our new partner provides innovative products that promote your hospital brand (logos) and greatly improve patient satisfaction outcomes. Give us the opportunity to provide samples and a quote and we can almost guarantee you will be a hero with all your colleagues with Quality and Price Savings that are significant and boost your facilities brand.

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Most Advanced Rehabilitation Technology for 2018 – Improving Outcomes and Revenues

You will truly be amazed at what this validated system can do for your practice, saving time, enhancing your patients experience and providing significant immediate increases in revenue with no capital expenditures. TRAZER benchmarks and optimizes whole-body movement. Its standardized assessments compare movement data over time and OBJECTIVELY showing progression or degradation. When compared post-injury to a retest, the healthy baseline can assist the physician in return-to-play or work decisions.

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Variant7 employs a full-spectrum of security training solutions to identify and neutralize complex threats directed at harming both physical and information technology. Utilizing a wide range of skilled professionals and online laboratories, Variant7 will ensure your agencies assets are secure through the employment of seven core services.

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