Most Advanced Rehabilitation Technology for 2018 – Improving Outcomes and Revenues

You will truly be amazed at what this validated system can do for your practice, saving time, enhancing your patients experience and providing significant immediate increases in revenue with no capital expenditures
TRAZER benchmarks and optimizes whole-body movement. Its standardized assessments compare movement data over time and OBJECTIVELY showing progression or degradation. When compared post-injury to a retest, the healthy baseline can assist the physician in return-to-play or work decisions.

TRAZER’s user-friendly tools give clinicians, coaches and trainers the ability to precisely control the direction, distance and rate at which the subject travels in response to unplanned and planned movement cues to assess the whole-body in motion.

Whether tracking performance improvements, or rehabilitating post-injury or extended illness, TRAZER’s actionable data assists in both injury prevention and a healthy return to normal life activity.

  • Objectively quantifies the BESS Test and standardized exertional protocols, while simultaneously providing real-world cognitive demands
  • Challenges and assesses visual, vestibular, cognitive, neuromuscular/ musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems by gradually raising the heart rate

TRAZER’s ability to reconnect the brain/body links through a fun, interactive modality makes it the ideal tool for rehabilitation. TRAZER’s high speed optics accurately and objectively track up to 25 points on the body without attachment or markers, measuring multiple performance metrics, including: dynamic reaction time (active response to unplanned cues) and deceleration (the ability to stop). Speed, acceleration and heart rate add to the critical data points. TRAZER is used to establish both healthy and injured health baselines, assist in recovery/return-to-sport/life protocols and improve physical performance for patients ages 5 to 105. TRAZER takes the guesswork out of concussion and orthopedic assessment andrecovery.

  • TRAZER Baseline Concussion Assessment takes less than 10 minutes


  • Six levels of specialized, interactive testing and rehabilitation for Knee, Ankle, Hip, Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Objectively measures and charts patient progress to provide invaluable analytics
  • Encourages patient compliance by providing instant feedback and instant motivation


  • Assesses and improves reaction time, balance, movement speed, coordination, agility, perception and cognitive Prowess


TRAZER’s Fall Prevention Protocol measures visual perception, stability, reaction time, speed, acceleration and distance traveled in each direction, while tracking heart rate

  • 9 minute assessment protocol comprised of lower amplitude movement challenges documents performance compliance with the exercise prescription, and treatment outcomes
  • Assesses and improves reaction time, balance, movement speed, coordination, agility, perception and cognitive prowess


TRAZER’s 5 key reports for each assessment and rehabilitation protocol highlight functional movement imbalances that may be caused by orthopedic issues or cognitive issues, such as: stroke, concussion, Parkinson’s disease, and much more.

  • Improving patient outcomes by objectively measuring degradation and improvement throughout the rehabilitation process

1. Increasing revenue and validating treatment for insurance claims

2. Establishing objective performance goals for the patient or referring physician

3. Documenting progression of treatment that the patient and provider can track visit by visit

4. Increasing compliance with treatment, resulting in more visits

I would be interested in speaking with you regarding how TRAZER can improve your patients’ health, recovery, and physical performance.

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