Variant7 Cyber Training Solutions

Variant7 has recently completed comprehensive and effectively implemented cyber security training for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Marine Corps Cyber Security Training Range, Defense Information Security Agency (DISA), and Pearl River Casinos. Vairant7 Is dedicated to Reduce IT Costs & Complexity and use Variant’s cyber training solutions defend against and recover from accidents like hard drive failures or power outages, and from attacks by adversaries to ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability (ICA) of information.

What We Offer

Variant7 employs a full spectrum of security training solutions to identify and neutralize complex threats directed at harming both physical and information technology at hospitals. Utilizing a wide range of skilled professionals and online laboratories. Variant 7 will ensure you facilities assets are secure through the employment of seven core services.

Red Team Operations
Our Red Team operations will review the effectiveness of your organizations’ procedures and processes and areas that are identified as weak and susceptible to attacks. Our Red Team Operators will identify the gaps and determine the areas where your security program can be enhanced.
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Cybersecurity Preparation
We offer a turn-key service to easily produce professional training classes and seminars to support all of your cybersecurity training demands.
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Asset Protection
A specialized program designed to enable our partners and clients to be proactive and safeguard against physical attackers.
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Online Training
Our online training classes emphasize security for those organizations seeking to reinforce their security team with both proficient and real-world tested individuals.|
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Crisis Response
Through the utilization of specialized training, advanced understanding of procedures, and realistic scenarios/exercises, your company will be equipped, certified and ready to respond when crises occurs.
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Project Management
Our service provided internationally accredited certifications to professionals to validate contemporary best practice in the discipline of project management.
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Custom Training Solution
Together, we determine the level of knowledge of your training course participants so the learning content and objectives can be adapted to your needs.
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